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The statehouse did something bipartisan yesterday that most people support – an all too rare statement. The Indiana State Senate passed a bill that would bring “happy hour” back to the Hoosier state.  Selling alcohol at a discount for a certain window each day has been banned here since 1985!  You could do all day […]

Winning Tough Trivia is easier when you listen mornings between 6:40 & 6:50. That’s when Sean Copeland gives you the correct answer to each day’s question. Select the correct answer below and you’ll be entered into today’s drawing for… Win a Family Four pack of tickets to the Indy Fuel game on Friday February 23rd […]

New research about what makes relationships last and there’s something in here if you’re single too… by way of what you should be looking for if you hope to have a lasting relationship. New research from the University of Alberta finds soulmates aren’t real. Instead, lasting relationships are MADE not found. So, if you’re single […]

Recently came across this new ranking of the best chain restaurant bread!  Top 4… 4) Ruth’s Chris.  Their bread is so good.  It’s simple.  Just a warm crusty loaf with soft butter.  Very good.  And then you can use it to sop up some of the steak butter left behind in your plate.  And when […]

If you’ve ever watched a movie and had a tough time following the storyline, you probably turned it off.  When you don’t understand how things are connected, you lose interest.  You get bored and you often give up trying to understand it all. The same thing can happen in your relationship that’s why CONTEXT is […]

2 local restaurants are offering “food for potholes!” Show a repair bill from anything caused by a pothole within 48 hours of the incident at either Half Liter BBQ or Big Lug Canteen and they’ll give you a free pretzel at Half Liter or a free poutine at Big Lug.  They call it their “Pothole […]

In addition to hosting The Sean Show, I’m also a licensed mental health therapist and my weekly Tune Up Tuesday feature is the closest thing you’ll get to free therapy on the radio. If you ever feel angry, congratulations on being human.  To me, it’s one of the most common emotions that so many of […]

Have you ever been to Red Key Tavern?  It has to be one of Indy’s most iconic bars! I’m not sure that I’ve ever been in there, but I know the cool old neon sign out front.  And aren’t they known for weird rules?  Like no cussing?  And you can’t put your coat on the […]

The State Department is issuing a travel warning for Jamaica.  They say home invasions, homicides, and sexual assaults are common – even at resorts… and police are often slow to respond, if they do at all. The healthcare there is also not great and they sometimes will make you pay cash before helping you. Here’s […]