I can confidently say that your relationship is not meant to be. People have asked me, “Sean, what kind of therapist are you?”  I say I’m a balanced one… in that sure, let’s talk about feelings, childhood all that typical therapy stuff.  But I also focus a great deal on more left brain, research kind […]

I am officiating my Aunt Maryanne’s wedding this weekend back home in Southern Illinois.  She raised me in large part.  Her husband passed away 7 years ago and she’s met a lovely guy and is creating a really nice Act II for herself.  I couldn’t be happier or more honored that she’s chosen me to […]

People usually think of physical stuff first when it comes to the word intimacy, but it turns out there are 5 types of intimacy. Intellectual intimacy — We share our thoughts. Emotional intimacy – We share our feelings. Social intimacy – We share time together and discuss the time we’ve spent apart. Spiritual intimacy – […]

There’s a way we think about relationships that is a problem, quite frankly.  This way of thinking seems to make sense when you’re first dating, but I find that many of us never shift out of it.  I’m talking about a “consumer” approach to a relationship.  Consumerism encourages a me-first attitude.  People don’t want to […]