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People usually think of physical stuff first when it comes to the word intimacy, but it turns out there are 5 types of intimacy.

  1. Intellectual intimacy — We share our thoughts.
  2. Emotional intimacy – We share our feelings.
  3. Social intimacy – We share time together and discuss the time we’ve spent apart.
  4. Spiritual intimacy – We open our souls to one another.
  5. Physical intimacy – We share our bodies with one another.

These five types of intimacy are not meant to be segmented out from one another as they all contribute to how people experience intimacy overall. Yet, I hope that naming each area will help you think through how they relate to the whole. Maybe one or more areas is lacking. Take note and begin to work on that area without neglecting the others. By doing this, you’ll start to create the closer, more intimate connection with your partner that you desire.

In addition to hosting The Sean Show, Sean Copeland is a licensed mental health therapist.