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Money troubles got ya down? You’re not alone. 2 in 3 Say Personal Finances Are Their Biggest Source of Stress Money worries have become a pervasive source of stress, and depression for millions of Americans. From rising costs of living to crushing debt, stagnant wages, and inadequate savings, the strain of financial insecurity is taking […] The post 2 in 3 say this has caused them stress in 2024 appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

The word narcissist is thrown around a lot these days to describe unsavory characters, but there are 2 notable ways parents turn their kids into narcissists. The first way is never telling them no.  When you refuse to give kids consequences or fail to follow through, they lose respect for you.  They’re sure to respect […]

The IMAX Theater at the Indiana State Museum has revealed the remaining films in its 2024 Classic Film Series. The theater is known for its massive six-story-tall, 84-foot-wide screen which is the largest in the state. It offers viewers an immersive experience. The lineup at the IMAX Theatre includes: July 9: The Wizard of Oz […] The post IMAX Indy Announces Lineup on the State’s Largest Screen appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

Congratulations to Westfield’s Italian House on Park! Yelp is out with a new ranking of the best lasagnas in North America and this Westfield spot came in at 15th! See the full ranking from Yelp here. www.italianhousedinning.com

I came across this list.  I wonder how many you know about your dad or how many your kids know about THEIR dad. What makes him proud What his relationship with HIS father was like His favorite food Who his heroes are What his favorite vacation destination is What sport he would’ve played professionally if […]

We have all those “to-do” lists, whether it’s for your home or work, that you never seem to get to. Not always because you are too busy, but because you keep putting them off. But by avoiding these tasks, we are just making things worse with your list piling up. New research shows how our […]

The answer on Jeopardy was “This unintended silence during a radio or TV broadcast isn’t quite as fatal as it sounds.” The question is “What is dead air?” I got it right! But my skills are nothing in comparison to Adriana. Adriana Harmeyer is a “super-champ” on Jeopardy! The Purdue professor and archivist won her […] The post Purdue Archivist Wins 10th Jeopardy! Game, Amasses $225,700 appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

Since really the onset of emails, people have become much more cognizant of how “tone” of our words can often be misconstrued. With shorter, more brief communication with text messages, we are learning there are certain words and responses that can be interpreted as harsh or dismissive. Many have written about the use of “okay” […]

In an era where social media presence often translates to popularity, BonusFinder.com has conducted extensive research to determine the most Instagrammed locations across the United States. Here, we focus on Indianapolis. These are the top spots that capture the essence of our city through the lens of social media.   1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Topping […] The post The Most Instagrammed Places in Indianapolis appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

This seems obvious, but one major difference I’ve noticed between happy and unhappy couples is kindness.  It’s almost too obvious and I think that’s why some couples forget about it.