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Ramp metering and variable speed limits are being introduced on portions of I-465 soon. Indianapolis is gearing up for a new traffic management system that is designed to ease congestion. Starting in early May, drivers merging onto I-465 will encounter ramp metering technology at these key locations:

  • Emerson Ave.
  • Southeastern Ave.
  • Shadeland Ave.
  • Brookville Rd./US 52
  • Washington St./US 40.
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INDOT selected this corridor due to its notorious traffic snarls, particularly during rush hours. Ramp metering uses sensors to regulate the flow of vehicles entering the interstate, syncing with capacity levels. During peak hours or traffic incidents, traffic signals on ramps will guide drivers, with green signaling merge and red indicating wait.

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However, when not in use, the signal flashes yellow, granting drivers discretion.

This initiative, part of the Transportation Systems Management (TSMO) strategy, is a seven-year, $9 million pilot program. Additionally, variable speed limits will be introduced along the corridor this summer, responding to traffic conditions and enhancing safety.

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While the system may be new to Indiana, neighboring states like Michigan and Illinois have successfully implemented similar measures. Indiana State Police emphasize patience and compliance, urging drivers to treat ramp metering lights like any other traffic signal.

Lights and signs will be unveiled in the coming days.

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