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  • Ann Richards

    6:00am - 12:00pm

    Ann RichardsMONDAY – FRIDAY | 10am – 3pm

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    My career days started out in advertising doing everything from typical PR work, to writing and of course voice-over work. The voice-over work I started when I was still in high school. I didn’t even think of radio as an option. Though I loved recording and writing, I never thought of radio as an option for me, the typical shy type. Then one day after leaving a recording session, that my best friend had attended with me, she said, “if you don’t take your tape to a radio station or to Disney, I’m going to send it in for you”. Within a day or two another friend was going into a radio station for a meeting. So, I asked him to take my resume in with him. He did, I got hired, and after two weeks of being on the air I knew that I had found my passion.
    My other passion is writing. I’ve written three books for adults and a number of personalized children’s books. Right now, I’m working on a spooky story for adults.
    Most people who know me would include reading, growing vegetables and cooking as passions. They’re probably right. I’m always reading at least two books at the same time. And whenever I can’t think, I head to the kitchen and begin creating or I head for the garden. Typically, my Sheltie, Shakespeare and my Maltese, Sammy go with me. Sam has even travelled to the herb farm in southern Indiana with me several times. And when my husband Edward is travelling for business, Sam thinks he must take over being the man of the house. Sam’s cute, and Shakespeare is the sweetest. Between us we have three adult children. We try to have breakfast with them and my mom once a week. And we love cooking outside for them.
    Something else that makes me very happy is just walking. My husband and I love taking walks together. Whether it’s along the canal, through a park, or in and around our neighborhood, I think we’re happiest walking and holding hands.

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  • Eric Garnes

    6:00pm - 12:00am

    EricMONDAY – FRIDAY| 7pm – Midnight
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    Initially radio was not my first career choice, becoming an architect was what I really wanted to do. As a kid I sketched houses, office buildings and cars and later built models of those only to have my younger brother destroy them once I was out of the house. In high school I continued to build models of homes and office buildings somehow ended up in theater, from there came the interest in radio and TV.Being in radio has afforded me the chance to sit down with former President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Larry King, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, REO Speed Wagon, Rod Stewart, and many others. I love this job!

    In my time away from the microphone, you’ll find me, at church, in the gym working out, getting my daughter to her orchestra and track practice, trying to learn all over again how to bowl, reading, working on my golf game (if the weather is right- about 75 degrees) and watching Nickelodeon with my daughter! (we’re huge fans of Nickelodeon).

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