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The word narcissist is thrown around a lot these days to describe unsavory characters, but there are 2 notable ways parents turn their kids into narcissists. The first way is never telling them no.  When you refuse to give kids consequences or fail to follow through, they lose respect for you.  They’re sure to respect […]

Congratulations to Westfield’s Italian House on Park! Yelp is out with a new ranking of the best lasagnas in North America and this Westfield spot came in at 15th! See the full ranking from Yelp here. www.italianhousedinning.com

I came across this list.  I wonder how many you know about your dad or how many your kids know about THEIR dad. What makes him proud What his relationship with HIS father was like His favorite food Who his heroes are What his favorite vacation destination is What sport he would’ve played professionally if […]

This seems obvious, but one major difference I’ve noticed between happy and unhappy couples is kindness.  It’s almost too obvious and I think that’s why some couples forget about it.

Rock Legend Roger Daltrey went off over the weekend about something he believes is ruining concerts.  He hates that so many people check the setlist before going to a show.  He says it removes the element of surprise. I will confess, I Google the setlist for every concert I go to now. I did it […]

The worst rated fast-food chains in America KFC is the worst rated food chain in America. Burger King ranks as the second worst rated food chain in America. McDonald’s places third. Andy’s Frozen Custard takes the title of the best rated fast-food chain in America A new study by casino experts at Jeff Bet, has […]

An update on my cat’s psychic reading yesterday!  I’ve been using that term, she calls herself a pet communicator.  I booked this after a friend of mine booked one for her cat and this woman told her things that it was impossible for her to know.  So, she really convinced me that there’s something to […]

Here’s a follow up to a recent Tune Up Tuesday from a Sean Show family member and how following this tidbit has improved her marriage.  And with this tune-up, I’m going to give her a way to further expand the positive benefits in her relationship. A couple weeks ago, I talked about the importance of […]

What is usually the first thing to go in a troubled relationship? Touch. Typically, at the beginning, you regularly touch your partner.  Hugs, hand holding, or a caress as you walk past each other in the kitchen, but do you still touch?  It’s often the first thing to go when you feel disconnected from each […]

The area where procrastination can come back to bite you the most is in your relationship. In sitting with people who have experienced divorce, one common theme is… “I wish we had dealt with issues sooner.”  People almost always know when there are issues in a relationship, and yet they deny or avoid them.  I […]