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There’s a new ranking of the best chocolate cakes in the country, and this is according to high falutin foodies.  Almost all of the choices are from fancy bakeries in the New York City area.  One of the exceptions?  The Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake at The Cake Bake Shop in both Indy and Carmel.  Both Elton John and Oprah have had this cake and love it.

Cake Bake Shop founder Gwendolyn Rogers first baked the cake for her son’s 9th birthday and she submitted it to the London Cake and Bake Show… where it was named best chocolate cake out of 3,000 entries.

I’ve had offerings from Cake Bake, but I know I’ve never had this…because I’m not a big chocolate guy.  But now I need to try it.  And my husband Andy will have to try it.  He’s a big chocolate cake guy.  His favorites in town now are from Portillo’s and City BBQ.  Cake Bake’s secret is some imported salt from the South of France.  City BBQ’s secret is instead of vegetable oil, they use Hershey’s syrup.  Makes it SUPER moist.  Sorry not sorry to anyone who hates that word.  I like it.  It makes me think of cake, and look at what we’re talking about 🙂

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