Eric Allen

Since really the onset of emails, people have become much more cognizant of how “tone” of our words can often be misconstrued. With shorter, more brief communication with text messages, we are learning there are certain words and responses that can be interpreted as harsh or dismissive. Many have written about the use of “okay” […]

With people sitting at computers for many jobs, we hear plenty of warnings about “sitting too much” because of how detrimental it can be to our overall health. But apparently not all sitting is equal. Some of are speaking of the benefits of sitting … on the floor! Unless you are a child, your days […]

I think we are all familiar with the power of positive self-affirmations. Reminding yourself that you are strong or good or worthy, can be particularly helpful and beneficial to mental and emotional health. In the same way, the positive affirmations we say to our loved ones, especially our spouse, is equally as powerful. If you […]

Even though the Jerry Seinfeld Pop-Tart movie “Unfrosted” didn’t receive the best of reviews, it doesn’t diminish the deliciousness of the breakfast treat (for those who admit to eating them … more on that later). So if the movie at least got you craving America’s favorite toaster pastry, how about trying them in a form […]

In a fast-paced world, where parents are often juggling jobs, side-hustles, extra-curricular activities, and all the day-to-day work around the house, it’s easy to feel guilty for not spending enough time with their kids. And while time with your kids is always good, when you spend that time with them can be key to bonding […]

It’s that time of year when many of us are purging closets, cleaning out the garage and deep cleaning our homes. It also might be a great time to “spring clean” your relationship, too. The relationship resource “Prepare & Enrich” offers up a few tips to tidy up our relationships this Spring! 1. Air Things […]

You probably heard the advice for couples – “don’t go to bed angry”? But when it comes to grocery shopping, you shouldn’t go to the store hungry. As it is, most people say they generally spend more than they intended when it comes to getting groceries. But they estimate the average person who shops on […]

For some people, physical touch is one of their main love languages. Studies have shown that hugs can actually reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. And now we know that physical touch can help you be a better basketball player. A unique study showed that basketball players, while at the free-throw line, were more […]

Unless you are a robot, you will get angry. It’s very much part of the human experience. Yet, being frustrated, disappointed or angry are places we don’t want to live for extended periods of time. If you ever find yourself wanting to rid yourself of these feelings, there are two simple things you can try […]

From getting glasses to finding the best location, Hoosiers are prepping to enjoy the upcoming total solar eclipse! And to better enhance the experience there are several apps you can download for your phone. Note – most of these are not free apps. Interested in taking photos? Check out “Solar Snap”!  The app helps you […]