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From getting glasses to finding the best location, Hoosiers are prepping to enjoy the upcoming total solar eclipse! And to better enhance the experience there are several apps you can download for your phone. Note – most of these are not free apps.

Interested in taking photos? Check out “Solar Snap”!  The app helps you take quality images of the solar eclipse with help camera setting suggestions. However, like with your eyes, your phone will need protection.  This app must be used with the accompanying filter, which can be purchased online here for $18.99.

The “One Eclipse” app offers multiple features to help you enjoy the eclipse. It includes an interactive map, a lunar shadow tracker, and a countdown timer, among other features. And it’s relatively cheap at just $.99 in your app store!

And obvious go-to – the “NASA” app! This free app has some great info for you before April 8th to get you up to speed on the Eclipse. Additionally, on the day-of, the app will provide livestreams, photos, podcasts and other broadcasts to provide viewers the best views and news about the total solar eclipse.