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For nearly 40 years it’s been one of the best and most consistent bargains around – the Costco hot dog/soda combo for a $1.50. But could that be changing? One of the constants during that same period has been Costco CFO Richard Galanti, but with his recent retirement Galanti was asked if he thought the famous food deal could be changing. His response: “It’s probably safe for a while.”

It’s probably safe for a while.” – Costco CFO Richard Galanti

And while that’s good, it’s far from past conversations when Costco executives were much more adamant about hot dog/drink combo not budging in price. Previously, Costco has stated their desire to keep things “simple,” so keeping the combo at it’s now iconic $1.50 price point seems to fall in line with that line of thinking.

For now, we can breathe easy knowing it’s hear to stay for at least “a while.”