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We don’t know what’s more fun.. drinking wine or using these wine accessories to drink the wine!! Either way, here are some hilarious wine accessories every connoisseur needs! Even better, they can ALL be found on Amazon! And yes we want all of them.



Glass that attaches to a wine bottle

Ever want to drink straight from the bottle? Well now you can with this glass that attaches straight to the wine bottle! It still counts as one glass right?!


Wine Sippy Cup

Who doesn’t love an adult sippy cup? Never fear spilling your wine again!


Glass that holds a whole bottle of wine

Yes.. you read that right.. this glass holds a full bottle of wine! This is for those nights when you say you’re only going to have “one glass”!



Bracelet Flask

Discretely drink your wine in fashion with this bracelet flask!


Wine Purse

Need wine on the go? Hide it in this wine purse!


Wine Bra

If you’re in the mood to wear your wine, this WineRack bra will do the trick! Get it.. wine rack.. Ok, you get it.





Wine Charms

You’ll never drink alone with these Drinking Buddies drink markers!




Wine Opener

As if opening a bottle of wine wasn’t fun enough already, here’s an adorable penguin opener that will do a happy dance when you open your next bottle.


Wine Stopper

Chicken butt wine stopper. Enough said!



Photo Credit: @Scukrov / Getty Images