We know you’ve probably been binge watching all your favorite Halloween shows and movies all month long, but there’s still one thing left to binge watch… ALL of The Office Halloween episodes! We’ve conveniently put together all of The Office Halloween episodes so you don’t have to! Enjoy and Happy Halloween! Season 2, Episode 5: […]

Ever wondered what you can do with all your leftover wine corks? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite easy DIY wine work crafts just for you! Pop open a bottle, save the cork, and get to crafting!   Click on the links below for tutorials!   Jewelry Organizer   Coasters   Cork Board   […]

We don’t know what’s more fun.. drinking wine or using these wine accessories to drink the wine!! Either way, here are some hilarious wine accessories every connoisseur needs! Even better, they can ALL be found on Amazon! And yes we want all of them.   Glassware Glass that attaches to a wine bottle Ever want […]

When you go on walks, do you find yourself getting happier the longer you’re in fresh air? When you get back inside, do you find yourself realizing how ‘stuffy’ it feels? Don’t just open up a window to get fresh air, buy an indoor plant to make fresh air! No, we know you may be […]

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon is a Christmas season staple. We could all use a little extra Christmas cheer this year so cuddle up and watch Christmas movies all month long! From classics such as Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone, to network television and Freeform premieres, 25 Days of Christmas has it all!   Easily search […]

Need something to do after stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving?? Get it.. stuffing yourself.. okay okay you get it. Anyway, here’s all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes for you to binge watch on turkey day! We’ve conveniently put together all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes so you don’t have to! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! Season 1, Episode […]

If you are a die hard Friends fan, you know that the Thanksgiving episodes are the star of each season, but the Christmas and New Year’s episodes are a close second! Here’s all the holiday Friends episodes for you to binge watch this season. We’ve conveniently put together all of the Friends Christmas and New […]

What Thanksgiving food are you?! Take the quiz below to find out!   https://embed-743077.secondstreetapp.com/Scripts/dist/embed.js

When he wasn’t yelling “Show me the money!” Tom Cruise, playing the title character in the movie “Jerry Maguire” uttered a famous movie line that made many swoon – “You Complete me.”  It was sweet and earnest and romantic, but sadly it’s off base.  Nobody can complete you.  Not that people and relationships aren’t good […]

This Valentine’s Day Coors Light wants to help you make a love connection with man’s best friend.  If you have been thinking about getting a dog, the beer company is offering up to $100 to cover dog adoption fees at your local dog shelter. Coors Light will give $100 to the first 1,000 dogs adopted between […]