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If you are a die hard Friends fan, you know that the Thanksgiving episodes are the star of each season, but the Christmas and New Year’s episodes are a close second! Here’s all the holiday Friends episodes for you to binge watch this season.

We’ve conveniently put together all of the Friends Christmas and New Year’s episodes so you don’t have to! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Season 1, Episode 10: “The One with the Monkey”


Season 2, Episode 9: “The One with Phoebe’s Dad”


Season 3, Episode 10: “The One When Rachel Quits”


Season 4, Episode 10: “The One with The Girl From Poughkeepsie”


Season 5, Episode 10: “The One with The Inappropriate Sister”


Season 5, Episode 11 “ The One With All The Resolutions”


Season 6, Episode 10: “The One with The Routine”


Season 7, Episode 9: “The One with All the Candy”


Season 7, Episode 10: “The One with The Holiday Armadillo”


Season 8, Episode 11: “The One with the Creepy Holiday Card”


Season 9, Episode 10: “The One With Christmas In Tulsa”


There you go! 11 festive Friends episodes perfect for watching during the holiday season!


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Photo Credit: @friends / Giphy