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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran out to get the mail or bring in the trash cans in my bare feet, only to realize the hot pavement is going to scorch my flesh off (okay – that might be a bit dramatic, but I think you get my idea)! You can tell […]

Ever wonder why we wish people a “Merry” Christmas and not a “Happy Christmas”?  After all, we wish people a “happy birthday” or say, “Happy Easter” or “Happy Halloween” or “Happy Mother’s Day,” right? But at Christmas, we wish people a Merry Christmas? So why do we do this? Being “happy” is seen as more […]

In a year where everything has been different and sometimes stressful, here’s a tip on how to approach this time of year – Simplify. Let this be a goal for your Christmas season. We often set ourselves up for failure and disappointment when we set our sights for the biggest, fanciest, most extravagant Christmas. Make […]

It’s the most wonderful time of year and it can be one of the most stressful times of year. But it doesn’t have to be, one way to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the holiday season is to build in margin to your schedule. Margin is building boundaries in our life – it’s been defined as […]

“It’s better to give than receive,” is a saying you probably have heard before. But I was recently reminded of the importance of receiving, too. A friend was sharing how they will often have someone compliment them – maybe on their looks or the work they are doing. And they shared how they often deflect […]

Missed graduation parties, not attending ballgames, no going to movies, no hugging … these are just a few things we’ve given up in 2020 or don’t have. We often can spend a lot of time and energy focusing on what we don’t have or what we wished we had.  A much more productive and affirming […]

Have you ever found yourself talking about your circumstances or strugles, by saying – “well, things could always be worse” or “I have problems, but they are not as bad as so and so’s.” Even when we express being thankful for something, we often can measure it against someone else’s circumstances, right?  “Well, at least […]

It’s easy to look back at our past and think of all of the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.  Maybe you even look on big parts of your past with regret. Maybe you beat yourself up over your past. I love what author Bob Goff says in his book “Dream Big”: “Don’t get punked by your past. […]

When someone criticizes us, we generally go into defense mode. We protect ourselves – we can lash out or in some cases we cower and say nothing. Neither reaction is good for us, the relationship and the situation at hand. If we can stop ourselves from immediately responding to criticism from a defensive posture, we […]

It’s been said our two biggest resources are time and money. We often talk about how we “spend our time” or how we “spend our money,” but I would encourage you to look at both differently when it comes to your relationships.  It’s time and money invested. I was reminded of this during my recent […]