Have you ever started to make something and then find out that you don’t have a main ingredient in your pantry? That happened to me.  I started making chili …  went to the pantry for the chili powder … and … it wasn’t there. The panic only lasted for a moment.  Then I looked at my […]

If you’ve seen one holiday light display, you might think you’ve seen them all. NOT. TRUE. If you haven’t seen Winterlights at Newfields… do you even Christmas?! Our host gives Sean a tour through this sparkly wonderland as well as some really helpful tips for doing your own holiday lights. Come along for the ride with […]

It’s the holiday’s. You’re spending money like crazy, and while you’re so excited to bring joy to your loved ones with these gifts, you’re really looking forward to making your 2020 New Year’s resolution be “save more money”.  That’s natural this time of year, but how do you actually get that done without falling off […]

Getty Images Shopping for your loved ones can be tough, but hey, at least they can let you know something that they’d like to see under the tree this year. Not so easy for your pets!  We know your pets are just as much a part of your family as your crazy little nephew, so […]

Let’s say you’re going to spend some time with family and let’s say there’s some strife… maybe a person you’re not looking forward to seeing.  I’ll be honest – we have some of that in my family.  I’ll share with you, as a therapy student, how I’m planning to handle that in my family.  If you […]

How lessons from couple’s therapy can help you have better conversation with your relatives during the holidays. That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationships.    So, I’m specifically thinking about this in terms of political discussions that may come up.  You know that in […]

I’m ready to start cooking for Thanksgiving and wanted to do something a little different.   I found this recipe and think it will be a big crowd pleaser, and not to mention, easy to make. Check this recipe out!   Win Schuler’s Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Ingredients: 6 medium size potatoes 4 oz. Win Schuler’s Original […]

  November is here, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, so you know that the Holiday season is in full swing already! Take the tour around this year’s Holiday Mart with Sean Copeland to see the best deals and gift ideas for your shopping lists this year. 

An a-ha moment…and a question that could change everything in your relationships – and not just romantic ones.  I’m talking about friendships too with this week’s Tune up Tuesday.  Just a little nugget you can use to tune up relationships.  Your spouse comes home after a tough day at work and starts opening up about […]

Every year I stand in front of the turkeys at the store looking for a person who appears to know what he/she is doing while selecting their turkey … and … every year I get different answers for how big of a turkey to buy and which kind of turkey is best.  So, this year, […]