B Smart Money Minute

Fraud and scam artists do not take the holidays off and neither should you when it comes to maintaining your vigilance. Scams can appear authentic and can even use multiple  platforms such as emails, social media, phone calls, and more to seem genuine. Make sure to watch the video below of the the six scams […]

Have you ever had to buy all new tires for your car? Have you had to go out and purchase a new washer and dryer after yours finally broke down? Have you ever had to pay for a new roof? If you answered yes to any of these, then you are not alone! Costly emergencies […]

There is something so warm and comforting about the holidays coming up! It’s a time of family, gratitude, and fun decorations! With fun traditions like decorating and gift-giving, we know it can also become a stressful time for many as well. Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you seven resolutions to […]

Have you already mastered the essential money habits? Is having a budget, spending less than you earn, and having an emergency fund all something that you’ve accomplished? Take the next steps with next level money-saving habits in order to move from building a financial foundation to creating true financial success! Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union […]

Financial wisdom is often quoted but not always followed. If you choose to follow some of the basic rules though, they can provide you with a strong financial foundation! Do you compare prices between stores before purchasing?  Do you have a sum of money set aside in case an emergency were to happen? By following […]

Are you wondering if you’re making progress on your financial goals? Do you just want to know how you are doing financially? Find out which numbers to track to get you this helpful information! Andy Mattinlgy from FORUM Credit Union has 6 numbers that you want to be sure you are tracking for financial success! […]

These money habits can actually be easy to start and use all of the time! Money does not have to be a tricky topic. Use these seven everyday habits and see how quickly these habits can change your financial situation.   Do you overspend in a certain area of your budget every month? Do you […]

  Summertime can be one of the more expensive times of the year. Preparing for summer financially can require a few changes on your part. You don’t need to spend your days in the sun stressing. Andy Mattingly from Forum Credit Union has 4 ways to tone up your finances for the summer!

Raising money-smart kids doesn’t have to be hard. You should start very early in life start teaching them these five concepts! Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you five financial concepts to teach your children!

Extra income is exciting to get! If you’ve received a bonus or raise, you want to make sure you make the most of it. Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you five tips on how to use a bonus or raise you get!     Image Credit: Getty Images