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Have you already mastered the essential money habits? Is having a budget, spending less than you earn, and having an emergency fund all something that you’ve accomplished?

Take the next steps with next level money-saving habits in order to move from building a financial foundation to creating true financial success!

Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you six next level money-saving habits to help create true success!

  1. Reading one financial article per week
  2. Fight lifestyle inflation
  3. Pay cash for all major purchases
  4. Invest outside retirement savings
  5. Build a second income stream
  6. Teach your children to be money smart


FORUM’s primary mission can be summed up in one simple, yet sincere statement: Helping Members Live Their Financial Dreams. This statement is most clearly reflected through our employees who are attentive to our members’ needs at every level and in every department. Voted one of 2017’s Best Places to Work in Indiana, FORUM is dedicated to enriching the lives of our employees so we can in turn enrich the lives of our members. FORUM also endeavors to create products and services that help members achieve their goals in all aspects of their financial lives.

Photo Credit: Drazen Zigic / Getty Images