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I love cooking with my daughter and favorite 12 year old, Chase.  They’re awesome cooks. This weekend, Chase, came up with a recipe for 3 ingredient chocolate ice cream.  It’s really good. It reminds of the filling you find in a frozen chocolate pie.  In fact, I might use it for that another time. It’s […]

You can make Depression Cake.  A cake that gets its name from the cakes baked during the Great Depression when rations were limited. Maybe you could bake an extra cake and leave it at your parent’s or grandparent’s house and face time them while you enjoy the cake “together”.

“Island living has been a lens through which to examine my own life in the North.  I must keep my lens when I go back. Little by little one’s holiday vision tends to fade.  I must remember to see with island eyes.” This is a quote from the pictured book.  Though this book was written […]

This looks like an easy cookie to make.  Plus, it’s flourless … love that. I’m thinking about using brown sugar and maybe adding vanilla. I’m guessing you could ramp this recipe up a bit by adding chocolate chips or raisins if you want to. However, the recipe looks good just as is … with … […]

Here’s an option.  Apparently, we can get rid of some germs with certain essential oils. It’s worth a try.  Plus, the aroma is awesome.

Have you gone to your favorite stores and found empty shelves where hand sanitizer is usually sitting?  Retail outlets have been having difficulty keeping their shelves stocked with this germ killing hand solution.  But, don’t worry because you can make it.  It’s easy to make and just as effective as store bought. Combine 2/3 cup […]

Pictured is my grand-dog-daughter, Molly.  She is awesome, loving, and a happy girl.  However, whenever my daughter goes anywhere, she gets sad.  And, whenever I go anywhere, even just to the station or out for a run, my little dog, Sam, also gets sad. I can see it in their faces. Does your dog experience […]

Have you ever started to make something and then find out that you don’t have a main ingredient in your pantry? That happened to me.  I started making chili …  went to the pantry for the chili powder … and … it wasn’t there. The panic only lasted for a moment.  Then I looked at my […]

I love entertaining throughout the holidays. Whether we’re wrapping presents, sitting down to a formal dinner on Christmas Day, or watching football on New Years, it seems like there are usually more mouths to feed and they are always hungry! One recipe I have found that is an easy crowd pleaser is Win Schuler’s take on […]