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We don’t need more stuff/clutter.  We all need more love and adventures.

For three weekends in a row, one of which was Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I went to Rocky Top, Tennessee, St Louis, MO, and to Canton, Ohio to watch my favorite twelve year old play in football tournaments.

The weather did not cooperate however, we didn’t allow the weather to be an issue. We just did it because, well, that’s what you do when a child has a passion for something.  All of the parents and grandparents took the weather in stride because of the love we feel for our children.  We sat there and cheered through pouring rain, sleet, freezing cold, and high winds during a wind advisory watching the kids play strong through it all.

 We felt very cold but, more importantly, we felt pride and love.

Someday I hope that each of those boys will look back and realize how much love was directed toward them from the perimeter of the playing field.  I hope that they will be warmed by that memory.

So, this holiday season, I hope that you too will find ways to share your love …  and …  may it at times include an adventure.