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“Island living has been a lens through which to examine my own life in the North.  I must keep my lens when I go back. Little by little one’s holiday vision tends to fade.  I must remember to see with island eyes.”

This is a quote from the pictured book.  Though this book was written decades ago … it’s filled with information that will help us to come out of this moment in our history with the kind of perspective that will help us to carry all of the good that we are finding now into our daily living later.

A new normal can be realized as we head back to work or school.  The information in this book will help us to do that.

It was written by an amazing lady.  Her first child was the famous Lindbergh baby.  What a horrific story that was.  But … she lived through it and went on to accomplish many things including becoming a mom again, continued to be the wife of a famous man, she wrote books, won awards, and filled her life with life.

Hope you’ll read, “GIFT from the SEA”.  I read it in one sitting while sipping on one cup of coffee.  The coffee turned cold but the information was warm and inspiring and I have a better view thanks to looking through her lens.