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Pressure is off thanks to the attached article.

I had once again begun feeling guilty about the fact that we have all off-white walls in our home.  Well, one wall is different.   And I love it.  I painted one wall in my writing room with black chalk board paint.  It looks awesome.  However, I don’t want any other colors around the house.  Even when I buy fresh flowers to place around the house I opt for white or very pale almost white ones.  I love that look.

I like color, blue’s my favorite … but … when walls are painted anything but white, I find them boring.  I guess I just get tired of looking at a specific color.

And according to the attached article, “White is classic.  You’ll never ever get tired of it and it’ll always feel the cleanest.”

So if you too feel guilty about your white walls, please check out this Martha Stewart article.