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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA downtown city skyline panorama view looking over the Central Canal Walk

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Forbes’ Best Places to Retire in 2023:

Considering where to retire? Forbes recently compared over 800 American locales based on a range of criteria, including housing costs, taxes, healthcare, air quality, crime rates, and natural hazard risks. The resulting list identifies the top 25 cities for retirees in the US.

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Augusta, Georgia was listed as the cheapest option, with a median home price of $173,000. San Antonio, Texas, which has made the Forbes list for five years in a row, has a median home price of $262,000.

A modern pensioner sits on the terrace of a cottage, surrounded by nature. He is holding a smartphone and is in the middle of a video call with his family

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The top places to retire list covers locations across 20 states and four time zones. Georgia boasts three cities, while Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Virginia each have two. The distribution of locations in which to retire is relatively balanced between colder and warmer climates, with Fargo, North Dakota, the northernmost city on the list, being the only one featured in all 13 years of the Forbes list’s existence.

City skyline panorama view of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA at night

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Which Indiana city made the list?

Indianapolis is on Forbes’ top 25 places to retire. Forbes describes Indianapolis as “Indiana’s capital and largest city, with a population of 908,000, 180 miles southeast of Chicago. Median home price of $219,000, 42% below national median. Cost of living 15% below national average.

Central Canal in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana

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PROS: Good ratio of doctors per capita. Somewhat bikeable. Good climate. Big cultural and sports scene. No state income tax on Social Security income. No state estate/inheritance tax. Relatively moderate FEMA natural hazards risk.

Busy Indianapolis

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CONS: Serious crime rate above national average. Not very walkable. NOTED: Borderline air quality. Elevation 700 feet. County voted Democratic in 2020 presidential election. Last on list in 2011.

TRIVIA: Wonder Bread started here in 1921.



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