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As Halloween approaches, costumes abound, and children eagerly anticipate the annual candy-collecting extravaganza. But have you ever wondered if the treats you plan to distribute align with the sweet dreams of your local trick-or-treaters? The answer may catch you off guard. The folks at have crunched — and in some cases slowly chewed — the data on every state’s favorite sweet treats.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween candy spending is projected to reach a staggering $3.6 billion this year, marking a 16% surge that surpasses previous records. Overall Halloween spending is anticipated to exceed $12.2 billion, a 15% increase from last year. Halloween is truly making a statement!

Take a look at the map above. It’s the culmination of the annual in-depth analysis of the Halloween candies that capture the hearts of each state. Hover over your home state to discover the top three candy contenders (please note that mobile users may miss out on the interactive experience).

Indiana’s top three candies are Starburst (94,582), Hot Tamales (94,397), and Jolly Ranchers (74,457)!

The candy trends of 2023 have surfaced, and there are some unexpected shifts taking place in the world of sweets. Here’s what’s causing ripples in the candy universe this year.

M&M’s Challenges Reese’s Cups for Supreme Status

In a surprising twist, M&M’s are vying for the coveted top spot, giving the iconic Reese’s Cups a run for their money. These colorful chocolate gems aren’t just delectably melting in mouths; they’re also winning hearts, edging closer to that #1 position.

 Candy Corn Makes a Comeback in the Top Ten

Whether you adore it or despise it, Candy Corn is staging a triumphant return! After disappearing from some folks’ radars, this classic tri-colored treat has managed to claw its way back into the top ten. Is it a wave of nostalgia, or has Candy Corn discovered a new generation of fans?

 Hot Tamales Surpasses Skittles

Spice is the name of the game as Hot Tamales leapfrog over Skittles. The fiery cinnamon flavor is setting taste buds ablaze across various states, proving that, sometimes, a dash of heat can outshine the fruity rainbow.

Sour Patch Kids Secure the #5 Spot, Challenging Skittles at #4

Speaking of Skittles, they now face another formidable challenger. Sour Patch Kids, with their delightful sweet-then-sour appeal, have climbed to the #5 position. With their current trajectory, they might just serve up a sour surprise to Skittles next year. (Don’t forget, Sour Patch Extremes also made quite an impression in our ranking of the sourest candies in the world.)

Hershey Mini Bars Continue Their Ascent, Landing at #8

Small in size but enormous in popularity, Hershey Mini Bars are on the rise. Scaling the rankings with their diverse flavors, they’ve now comfortably nestled into the #8 position. When it comes to chocolate, it appears these mini delights are maximizing their appeal.