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The ice cream company, Ben and Jerry’s is known for its flavorful and delicious ice cream. Once you pick up a pint of their Half Baked, it’s hard to put it down! Just when you thought you couldn’t love Ben and Jerry’s more, they come out with Doggie Desserts! Doggie Desserts is ice cream for your pup! According to Ben and Jerry’s “there are two pup-tastic Doggie Dessert flavors: Rosie’s Batch is made with pumpkin and mini cookies and Pontch’s Mix is made with peanut butter and pretzel swirls. Your dog won’t be able to choose their favorite!’


The ice cream is pup-friendly and made with “very limited amounts of dairy, so they are perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. These frosty treats for dogs are made with sunflower butter, which is dog-safe (and dog-delicious).”


Find where to buy your dog some delicious dessert here or learn more about the ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s FAQ page!