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Thanks to TikTok, you can now feel like a professional at-home mixologist! With these delicious recipes, you can make everything from a Rumchata drink that tastes like ice cream to a watermelon sangria. What’s even more refreshing is that most of them require minimal ingredients, are easy to make, and taste DELICIOUS! Enjoy! #TikTokMadeMeDoIt


Frozen Rasberry Lemonade Vodka

This drink is so refreshing, you won’t want to wait for summer to drink it!


Rumchata Blend Drink

Dr. Pepper+ Runchata= a Drink that Tastes Like Ice Cream, what could be better?!


Frozen Strawberry Moscow Mule

This drink truly as delicious as it looks!

White Claw Slushies

Just when you thought your favorite drink couldn’t get any better!

Raspberry Peach Wine Slushies

This drink will make you feel like it is summer all year round!

Baileys Dessert Cocktail

This 2 ingredient drink is sure to sweeten up your day!

Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon has never looked so good!