It’s a fresh new year. What better time to start using better financial practices? Andy Mattingly of Forum Credit Union is here to give you six tips to avoid financial mistakes in 2020 and beyond!

The ALL NEW Cinemark Greenwood Corner is  is NOW OPEN— and it’s a whole new experience. You can catch the newest first-run blockbusters right here, and reserve your favorite seat in advance. Speaking of seats, we’ve upgraded them all to Luxury Loungers — our plush, heated electric recliners. Check out our delicious new menu, too. Freshly prepared Pizza […]

The end of the year is always a popular time for the best movies to hit the big screen. Whether it be on Christmas Day after all your presents are open, or just a date night to see your favorite franchise’s finale, December is a perfect time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a flick.  […]

If you’ve seen one holiday light display, you might think you’ve seen them all. NOT. TRUE. If you haven’t seen Winterlights at Newfields… do you even Christmas?! Our host gives Sean a tour through this sparkly wonderland as well as some really helpful tips for doing your own holiday lights. Come along for the ride with […]

Getty Images Shopping for your loved ones can be tough, but hey, at least they can let you know something that they’d like to see under the tree this year. Not so easy for your pets!  We know your pets are just as much a part of your family as your crazy little nephew, so […]

Photo Credit: Wish TV The Holiday’s are here. Thanksgiving is a week away. So when is the Indianapolis Zoo starting it’s annual ‘Christmas At The Zoo’ celebration? It starts this weekend! You can start visiting the nightly light show at the zoo on Saturday, November 23 until Monday, December 30. The light show essentially starts when […]

Photo Credit: Nicola Colombo / Getty Images Fill your thermos with hot chocolate, pack some Christmas cookies, pile the family into the car, and visit these MUST-SEE Christmas light displays right down the street from you!   It’s that time of year where driving around in the snow isn’t so bad when you get to look at all […]

  November is here, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, so you know that the Holiday season is in full swing already! Take the tour around this year’s Holiday Mart with Sean Copeland to see the best deals and gift ideas for your shopping lists this year. 

Photo Credit: johnkellerman / Getty Images Whether you’re training for a marathon or you’re just getting into running, everyone needs these 4 essential things before they hit the pavement/treadmill: comfortable shoes, breathable clothing, a training plan and a killer playlist. We put these songs in order for when we think you’ll need them. From a slow, […]

Christmas movies wouldn’t be the same without their iconic Santa’s. Take the quiz below to see if you can match the Santa to the correct Christmas movie! Check out these other holiday quizzes you might like too! [QUIZ] Do You Know Which Holiday Movies These Quotes Are From? [QUIZ] Can We Guess Your Go […]