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Since we all love listening to a variety of music, we thought let’s have a variety of date ideas as well! Our list includes everything from strolling through a vineyard and taste-testing wines to a new spin on yoga! We’ve got your next date night idea covered with our list of fun and romantic activities in Indiana!

1. Got to a Brewery/ Vineyard

Head over to a local brewery or vineyard and order a flight to taste test different beers/wines. If you are feeling adventurous, pick new ones out for each other to try!

Places in Indy: Urban Vines, Sun King BreweryHotel Tango Whiskey

2. Make Your Own Candles

What could be more romantic than making (and later on-lighting) a candle?  You can create your very own uniquely scented candle by mixing different essential oils together.

You can even make candles for each other and surprise one another with the scent when it is finished!

Places in Indy: Penn & Beech

3. Make a Bonfire

Have yourself your very own ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ by getting cozy next to a

bonfire! Add some special touches with hanging twinkle lights and a s’mores tray to make the night sweeter!

4. Golf, Mini-Golf, or Foot-Golf

Get your golf clubs ready and go to a golf range or mini-golfing! Do you struggle with hand-eye coordination? Try footgolf instead! It’s like regular golf only you use a soccer ball and your feet instead of a club!

Places in Indy:

Range: Top Golf Mini Golf: Birdies Miniature Golf Foot Golf: The Legends Golf Club

5. Go to the Lake

Head down to the closest body of water for a “beach” date! Bring smoothies or your choice of a refreshing drink and walk together along the shoreline or go for a swim! For extra romantic views, go later in the day to watch the sunset!

Places in Indiana: Indiana Dunes

6. Wine & Canvas Night

Ready to embrace your artsy creative side? What goes better with painting than drinks?! Bonus: even if your masterpiece doesn’t turn out how you thought it would you always have the wine to blame!

Places in Indy: Wine & Canvas, Mimosa and a Masterpiece

7. Picnic

Pack a picnic basket full of your favorite foods and drinks for a nice picnic at one of your

favorite spots! If you want to make it even more special, have a picnic at a place that is

extremely meaningful to both of you such as the place you first met, had your first date,

got engaged, got married, etc!

Places in Indy: Holliday Park, Carmel Clay Parks

8. Try Somewhere New

Are you an adventurous couple? Pick a new coffee house or restaurant you both have never been to and try it out for the first time. You may find yourself your new favorite spot!

Places in Indiana: Java House, Chao Vietnamese Street Food

9. Go to the Zoo

Go and see some of your favorite animals at the zoo! If you have an animal that you or your partner is very fond of, you can even take classes to learn more about specific animals!

Places in Indy: Indianapolis Zoo

10. Go Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, or Paddle Boarding

Grab a pole, some bait, and hit a nearby lake to try to catch some fish! If you’re a big fan of water but not really fishing, try some other fun water dates like paddle boarding, canoeing, or kayaking!

Places in Indiana: Eagle Creek Park

11. Goat Yoga

What could be better than a date where you both get to relax?! How about a date filled with relaxation AND goats! Goat yoga is where you literally get to do yoga and get all the benefits while enjoying goats playing and jumping around you! Talk about a cute date!

Places in Indy: Traders Point Creamery, Happy Goat Lucky Yoga