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Have you ever sat and wondered why your cat is the way that it is? Cat people tend to be some of the most perplexed pet owners, and for good reason. Cats are fascinating creatures. Chances are even if you’ve never owned a feline friend, you’ve probably seen a viral cat video or two and still asked yourself “what goes on inside their fluffy little heads”.

We took to the internet to figure out the inner workings of your furry friends’ thoughts and behavior and we’re here to give you the scoop on your most Googled cat question.

(Spoiler: There’s no complex string theory but there are most definitely thoughts of string.)


Why do cats purr? 

While there are many motives behind the iconic sound, the main purr-pose is communication. Largely, cats use purring as a way to show contentment.

Why do cats knead?

While not always the most comfortable pass time for you, cats knead as a way to mark their territory. So next time your furry friend hops up on your lap and starts pushing on you in all the wrong places, take it as a compliment.

Why do cats sleep so much?

The reason behind your furry friend’s bizarre sleep schedule is all about instincts. Being predatory animals by nature, cats are inclined to store up energy to “hunt” at night (when they’re most active).

Why do cats have whiskers?

Whiskers are an extremely sensitive organ, which helps inform your feline about their surroundings. Not only can they help them navigate the spaces around them, but they also serve as a means for communication in stressful events.

Why do cats like boxes?

This is probably the most mystifying cat question of all time, but the answer isn’t as crazy as you might think. The reason behind your cat’s affinity for boxes is the safe and comfortable feeling they get from laying in them. Guess the cats out of the bag box.

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