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Get ready to relive your teenage dreams because Boybands are in high demand! A recent study has revealed America’s most in-demand boyband, and we have the list of who clinched the top spots!

Conducted by JeffBet, the research analyzed online search volumes for 55 well-known boybands, both active and inactive, using Google Keyword Planner. By calculating the average monthly searches in the U.S. over the past year, the study identified the boybands fans are most eager to see perform live.

Commenting on these findings, a spokesperson from JeffBet remarked, “Boybands are more than just a fleeting crush. Their music shapes our lives and reunions offer a nostalgic trip back in time.” They also highlighted the issue of rising ticket prices, urging artists and promoters to make live shows more accessible for die-hard fans.

From iconic hits to the thrill of a live performance, these boybands continue to capture our hearts. So, whether you’re a JoBro fan or rooting for *NSYNC’s return, one thing’s for sure: the boyband craze is far from over!

Check out the Top 10 Boybands with the most tour demands below! 

1. Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers aren’t just topping charts; they’re topping search engines, too.

Their search volume is over four times higher than that of One Direction and the Backstreet Boys combined! With an average of 108,387 monthly searches, these guys are hot on everyone’s minds.


*NSYNC claims the second spot with 94,652 monthly searches.

After teasing fans with a reunion during Justin Timberlake’s L.A. concert, the buzz around them has skyrocketed. Could a tour be in the works? Fans sure hope so!

3. Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush comes in third with 36,897 searches. Known for their Nickelodeon show, these guys are not just a TV sensation but also a live performance favorite. They’re currently gearing up for a U.K. and Europe tour, returning stateside in early August.


4. BTS

BTS, the K-pop kings, secure the fourth spot with 22,945 searches.

With 27.5 million monthly Spotify listeners and multiple Grammy nominations, their global appeal is undeniable. They’ve just wrapped up U.S. shows and are now eyeing Southeast Asia.

5. 5 Seconds of Summer

In fifth place, we have 5 Seconds of Summer, with 20,873 searches.

Despite breakup rumors, this Aussie band continues to attract a massive following, especially after their sold-out U.K. shows last year.

6. New Edition

19,398 searches

7. One Direction

14,253 searches

8. Boyz II Men

13,702 searches

9. Jodeci

10,788 searches

10. Backstreet Boys

10,208 searches