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April is a turning point in Indiana! The weather turns warmer and everyone starts getting antsy to get out and do something! Whether it’s April showers or gorgeous sunshine outside, we’ve got activities for it all! Take a look below for some inspiration that will have you getting out and enjoying Indy this month!

Visit White Run State Park to check out Blossoming Cherry Trees

Skip the trip to Washington D.C. to see the cherry trees blossoming and visit them right here in Indy! For just the first couple of weeks in April, you can visit White Run State Park and view the incredible 52 Japanese Yoshino cherry blossom trees blooming! In 2012, several cities, including Indianapolis, were selected by Japan to be gifted Japanese Cherry Trees to celebrate the 100th anniversary of them.

Visit the Butterfly Kaleidoscope at the Indianapolis Zoo

Find yourself inside a tropical paradise at the Indianapolis Zoo this Spring! From March 19 through September 6, the Zoo will have their Butterfly Kaleidoscope exhibit open! The exhibit transforms their indoor gardens into a gorgeous butterfly haven, filled with over 40 colorful species of butterflies and moths!

Duckpin Bowling

April showers can sometimes leave you needing an indoor activity. If you are a fan of bowling then you have to try mixing it up with duckpin bowling! It involves a smaller ball, small pins to match it, and three turns to get them down.

Visit Your Local Library

Take a stroll down the isles of your local library. You may find a new book just by seeing what catches your eye!




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