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While we are all at getting used to the ‘new normal’ of staying inside more and avoiding social gatherings, our pets are also getting used to this ‘new norm’. While pet pools and dog parks may not all be open, there are still many ways to have fun with your pet! We’ve come up with several things to do with your furry friend while also staying safe!

Go on Walks

Going on walks provides your dog with physical and mental stimulation. Your dog will be able to get great exercise, resulting in better moods and decreased destructive behavior. All the smells and exploring will also provide plenty of mental stimulation. Getting outside and going on a walk also allows them to get out of the house and get a break if they’ve been inside most of the day.

Go to Forest Preserves/ Nature Walks

Dogs, like humans, can get bored with the same routines. Mix up your usual walk and head over to a forest preserve or a nature park. Your dog will be exposed to new smells and new sights. You and your dog will be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery as you take a walk in these new places!


Use this time to update your recent pics of your furry friend. Whether it is inside or in the backyard, snap some cute pictures of them playing or being cute! Bonus, after the photo shoot is over, send the pics via text or email to family and friends to brighten their days!

Play with Toys

Pull out your cat’s favorite toy wand or your dog’s squeaking stuffed animal to play with. You can play games like go fetch, catch in the air, try to hit the wand, etc. There are even some toys out there like puzzles and different toys filled with a treat to make your pet work for what they want while also playing. This will be sure to keep your furry friends from getting bored anytime soon!

Teach New Tricks

What better time to teach your dog the basics or even more advanced tricks then now?! While you are both practicing social distancing, you can also practice commands such as “rollover” “sit” and “stand on back legs.” It will be educational and fun for the both of you!

Go for a Car Ride

If your dog or cat loves going for car rides, then you should hit the road! Drive around to different places while you let them look out the window. You don’t have to have a destination to go to even, it can just be a simple car ride just for fun!

Hide & Seek

Think your pet has a nose of a champion? Test it out! Hide in an area that they would be able to reach you. Call their name and watch them try to use their senses to figure out where you are! You can also play a game of find the treats where instead of you hiding, you hide their treats to find when they are not looking. When they come into the room, tell them to go find the treats. This will give them great mental stimulation and be fun for them and you to watch!

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Picture Credit: Getty Images / Arterra