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If your spouse ever annoys you, that’s all of us… right? 

If your spouse ever annoys you… choose your 10s.  That’s this week’s Tune up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship (Tuesday mornings around 8:15 on B105.7).


So, here’s the idea… you don’t want your significant other to think you criticize their every move.  Sure, if something really bothers you… then talk to them about it, but if not… let it go.  And here’s the tune up – choose your annoyances that are 10s… and you know what 10s are for you, right?  Those things that drive you crazy, get under your skin, and make you a not so nice person to be with. 

The work though, is pausing to evaluate… hey, this is bugging me, but is it a 10?  Or another trick I’ll use is – this is bothering me right now, but hold my tongue and if it’s still bothering me in a week… then, I’ll lovingly say something.


In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, Sean is in school to be a relationship therapist.


Photo Credit: Getty Images / MagnoStar Studios