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Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer and with that, we are taking the opportunity to express gratitude for something or someone every day leading up to Turkey Day!

Today we are expressing gratitude towards one of my favorite things – laughter.  Seriously (or maybe, not-so-seriously) – can you imagine your life without laughter?  Laughing brings us together, bonds us, and definitely brightens our day.

Laughter relieves stress and heals the body!  Tears and being contagious are often not a good thing, but they are when it comes to laughing.

Whether it’s a giggle, chortle, guffaw or snort, if you haven’t done so today, find a way to have a good laugh.  Tell a “dad joke,” find a silly clip on YouTube or watch your favorite funny movie later, let’s getting laughing.

On day 16 of our 21 Days of Gratitude, let’s be thankful for laughter!


Photo Credit: Getty Images/FlamingoImages