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You ever feel like you and your significant other are speaking different languages?  Well, maybe you are.  Will help translate with this week’s Tune up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship. In addition to hosting this here radio program, I am studying to be therapist. 


So, have you ever heard of the concept of the 5 love languages?  They are:

Words of affirmation

Quality time

Physical touch

Acts of service


The idea is that there’s one or two of those that make you feel the most loved.  Your challenge is to find your partner’s love language and speak it. 


My fiancé Andy’s primary love language is words of affirmation… and I was reminded of this because his birthday was last weekend.  And I started this birthday tradition a few years back, knowing his primary love language… you want people to REALLY feel loved on their birthday, right?  So, on his birthday every year take the age he’s turning…and I text him that number of affirming things I love about him. 

My primary love language is acts of service.  For me, don’t tell me how great I am… bring me a cup of coffee