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Your relationship should be as boring as possible!  That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you might be able to use to tune up your relationship. 

The start of a new relationship is fun and exciting with lots of romantic gestures to impress a new flame.  But over time, all that excitement can be replaced by nights in with frozen pizza and Netflix.  Was reading this article from a relationship expert who says think about it – a happy couple that’s been together 60 years… they’re not happy because they had crazy vacations and took private jets everywhere.  They’re happy because they’re able to be boring together.  Nothing exciting, no huge drama, no dishes flying.  He says embracing the boredom needs to be ok again… no matter what social media would have you believe.  

As a therapist in training, I agree with this 1,000 times over.  Find someone who you’re ok doing nothing with.  The longer my fiance, Andy and I are together, my favorite nights are the ones where we have nothing to do.  Boredom is not only good, it just might be a key component to a long lasting relationship