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Rock Legend Roger Daltrey went off over the weekend about something he believes is ruining concerts.  He hates that so many people check the setlist before going to a show.  He says it removes the element of surprise.

I will confess, I Google the setlist for every concert I go to now.

I did it for Hootie and The Blowfish at Ruoff Music Center Saturday night.  It’s very practical for me.  If I want to leave early, I can see what I’m missing.  Maybe they’ve already played all my favorite songs.  In Hootie’s case, I could see that he was going to do a cover of STP’s Interestate Love Song in his encore, and I wanted to hear that… so I stayed.  Similarly, you can check the setlist if you need to go to the restoom so you don’t miss a favorite song.

I hear Daltrey’s argument about “running the element of surprise,” but how many surprises are there in a Who show?  I can see how a performer may not like it, but as a fan… I love knowing the set list. What about you?