I love entertaining throughout the holidays. Whether we’re wrapping presents, sitting down to a formal dinner on Christmas Day, or watching football on New Years, it seems like there are usually more mouths to feed and they are always hungry! One recipe I have found that is an easy crowd pleaser is Win Schuler’s take on […]

Let’s say you’re going to spend some time with family and let’s say there’s some strife… maybe a person you’re not looking forward to seeing.  I’ll be honest – we have some of that in my family.  I’ll share with you, as a therapy student, how I’m planning to handle that in my family.  If you […]

What do you think?   I know it’s not October yet however, we already have spooky things happening. While lying in bed the other night the security cameras in our garage went off.  When we checked the video, we saw numerous orbs.   They were not bugs.  We had cleaned the camera lens.  There were […]

If criticism has crept into your relationship, whether you’re feeling criticized or you’re the one doing the criticizing.. either way – this week’s Tune Up Tuesday is for you.  It’s just a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship that I share on Tuesday mornings.    Criticism is one of the most common […]

If you’ve ever tried to change someone you’re in relationship with, you know how frustrating and exhausting it can be.  So, instead… try this.  Try changing yourself.  When you change yourself, you can fundamentally change your relationship.  Here are a few questions to ask that may help with this: What is more important: your relationship or […]

Andrew Luck’s retirement may have solved a game show conspiracy.  What?    So, do you remember a few months back this guy James Holzhauer who had a record run on Jeopardy?  Then some thought he intentionally lost… because he was just bored with it.  Well, James tweeted praise for Andrew Luck… saying “Imagine reaching the pinnacle […]

They have found something pretty special happens in a relationship once a couple has been together for 35 years.  If that 35 year mark is far away, why not try to make that special thing happen now?  That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship. […]