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Source: Burger King

Burger King, the popular fast food chain, is revolutionizing the classic drive-thru dilemma of choosing between French fries and onion rings. In an exciting announcement, the company revealed the test launch of a mouthwatering new side dish called Fries n’ Rings. This innovative creation combines the best of both worlds by offering a single order of Burger King’s delicious French fries mixed with their signature onion rings, resulting in a tantalizing medley of golden brown goodness.

According to a recent press release, customers can indulge in the Fries n’ Rings as an à la carte menu item or as part of any combo meal at Burger King. This means that with your next Whopper order, you can savor the crispy deliciousness of both beloved sides without the need to over-order or spend extra money on a second side. No more hoping for a lucky stray onion ring at the bottom of your French fry container!

If you’re eager to try this exciting new creation, the option will be available at select Burger King locations from June 19 to July 20. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, aligning with National Onion Rings Day on June 22 and National French Fry Day, celebrated on the second Friday of July. However, it’s important to note that initially, the Fries n’ Rings will only be available in two cities in the United States: Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully, this delectable fusion of flavors will expand to more locations in the future.

Burger King has been on a roll this summer, introducing a series of enticing new menu items. In addition to the Fries n’ Rings, starting from June 19, the chain is launching BK Fiery Nuggets.

These nuggets offer the fiery heat reminiscent of a Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich, providing a spicy alternative for those seeking a bolder flavor experience. While the Fries n’ Rings themselves may not be spicy, they are sure to be a popular choice among French fry enthusiasts and onion ring lovers alike.