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The area where procrastination can come back to bite you the most is in your relationship.

In sitting with people who have experienced divorce, one common theme is… “I wish we had dealt with issues sooner.”  People almost always know when there are issues in a relationship, and yet they deny or avoid them.  I hear something like this a lot – “We both hoped if we were patient, that life would calm down, and our issues would get better on their own or we’d eventually be able to work through them.”

Trust me.  They won’t get better on their own.

What some naively believe to be the issues getting better is really just one or even both of you giving up on making things better…and then you end up living cold parallel lives.  Kicking issues down the road most often fuels them to get bigger.  That’s usually what happens to unaddressed issues… they grow!

When you have a project due at work or school, you have to break it down and work on it regularly, piece by piece.  Your relationship is no different.  If things aren’t right, don’t wait to make things better.  Talk to your partner, maybe a therapist, and come up with a plan.

In addition to hosting The Sean Show on B105.7, Sean Copeland is a licensed mental health therapist in Greenwood, Indiana.