Let’s say you’re going to spend some time with family and let’s say there’s some strife… maybe a person you’re not looking forward to seeing.  I’ll be honest – we have some of that in my family.  I’ll share with you, as a therapy student, how I’m planning to handle that in my family.  If you […]

How lessons from couple’s therapy can help you have better conversation with your relatives during the holidays. That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationships.    So, I’m specifically thinking about this in terms of political discussions that may come up.  You know that in […]

If you or your spouse are a bit of a hot head, here’s something you should know – love and uncontrolled anger can’t peacefully coexist.  So, if tempers often flare in your relationship – here are some things to consider in this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – just a little nugget you might be able […]

Is love enough to keep a relationship going?  Spoiler alert:  it’s not.  What else experts say your relationship must have to survive.  You can take inventory of your own relationship with this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget to tune up your relationship.    Love is of course important, but we all have […]

If you’ve ever experienced frustration in your relationship (that’s all of us), this week’s Tune Up Tuesday is for you.  Tune Up Tuesday is a little nugget you can ue to tune up your relationship Tuesday mornings around 8:20 on B105.7.   Here’s what’s usually behind frustration – expectation. Think about it.  What you’re expecting […]

If criticism has crept into your relationship, whether you’re feeling criticized or you’re the one doing the criticizing.. either way – this week’s Tune Up Tuesday is for you.  It’s just a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship that I share on Tuesday mornings.    Criticism is one of the most common […]

Ever find yourself waking up an hour, two hours, three hours before your alarm is supposed to go off, but can’t fall back to sleep?  You stare at your clock or phone calculating how much sleep you can still get if you fall back asleep right away.  And the more you think about it, the […]