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Photo Credit: Denise Truscello / Getty Images Gina may need a glass after working the diner all day.   Wine Spectator just named Bon Jovi’s “Hampton Water” rose the best rose in the world for 2018. If you want a bottle, I can’t seem to find it anywhere in Indiana.  It is, however on sale in […]

Photo Credit: Getty Images When my favorite 11 year old, Chase, was very small he wanted a toy vacuum sweeper for Christmas.  I thought that was a adorable.  He wanted to help his mom clean.  We even joked that we wished that the vacuum would work so that he could help clean the house. Well […]

Photo Credit: Getty Images They’re in your Christmas card. They’re ornaments on your tree. They’re family! Get your pet the purrrrfect & most pawsome gift this Christmas to get their tails wagging! But maybe put their presents under the tree Christmas morning so they don’t get curious & unwrap them early

Photo Credit: Tabitazn / Getty Images It must be a subconscious reflex this time of year, but the other day I found myself beginning a sentence by saying, “‘Tis the season …” As I was saying that, it hit me that ‘Tis the season to say, “‘Tis the season.” I mean, I never found myself […]

Photo Credit: Melpomenem / Getty Images I’ve always found it to be so easy to shop for little ones … educational toys, cuddly things.  However, once a child reaches 11, 12 or 13, it starts getting difficult.   Even though my favorite 11 year old, Chase,  and I do so many things together, it’s still tough […]

Photo Credit: Sean Copeland The Idle is weird, uniquely Indy, and I love it…   View this post on Instagram

Your finalists have been announced and public voting to win $1,000 for your school’s choir is now open! VOTE HERE and hear your favorite choir on B105.7 in our On-Air Spotlights taking place the week of November 26th! Tune your dial to B105.7, Indy’s Christmas Station or click here to stream online at the following times:   MONDAY 11/26 […]

  LOVE IT!   Audio titled Indy Christmas Station Launch 2018 by Sean Copeland Photo credit: b105.7

*Updated October 28, 2020* The fresh smell of pine, sleigh rides, and hot chocolate make for the best winter day searching for that perfect pine to bring home for the holiday season. Whether you are looking to start a new tradition of cutting down your own Christmas tree this year, continue the tradition, or just […]

Ameila Webb was diagnosed with Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare congenital heart defect, and pulmonary atresia, a condition blocking blood flow to her longs. She underwent surgery at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. Ameila was only 11 days old.  The next day, her oxygen levels dropped so dramatically, that Ameila was placed on […]