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Cher Hosts Early Voting Mobilization Events In Nevada


In a delightful surprise for her fans and gelato enthusiasts, iconic singer Cher has taken her passion for frozen treats to a whole new level by launching her very own gelato company, aptly named ‘Cherlato’. The announcement, which sent waves of excitement through social media, came in the form of an Instagram post where the 77-year-old singer shared her enthusiasm for this long-awaited venture.

“All started 5 years ago and now it’s finally HAPPENING,” Cher wrote in her announcement, hinting that this endeavor had been brewing in her mind for quite some time. Indeed, if she could turn back time, Cher would likely have launched ‘Cherlato’ much sooner.



Behind ‘Cherlato’ lies a collaborative effort between Cher and the New Zealand-based ice cream company, Giapo, renowned for producing gluten-free ice cream in their facility. Cher’s passion for the project was evident as she and Giapo embarked on a journey together, brainstorming, taste-testing, experimenting, and ultimately bringing the delightful Cherlato to life.

The initial launch of Cherlato will take place in Los Angeles, where the focus will be on incorporating local ingredients. With a dedication to quality and sustainability, Cherlato has partnered with local farmers and artisans who share the same passion for creating a truly exceptional gelato experience.