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We’ve made it through our countdown to Thanksgiving with our 21 Days of Gratitude – taking time each day to share thanks for someone or something!  I hope this has been a helpful excercise for you – I know it has been for me.  In fact, studies show that people who regularly have an attitude of gratitude are healthier and have a more satisfactory life!

On our final day, we say thank you for family.  A big part of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays is spending it with family.  Yet, I would be remiss if I assumed your family is a source of happiness.  I know for many, unfortunately, there is much pain associated with family and therefore this time of year can be difficult.  So maybe for you, it’s less about our family of origin and more about you family of choice (friends, in-laws, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc).  

Whoever happens to sit around your Thanksgiving table this year, hopefully you can be thankful to those surrounding you this year.  Be grateful for the people who encourage and build into you and even be grateful for the people who you may have differences with, who might challenge or test you.  Maybe this is the year you can “agree to disagree” … or maybe this is the year you forgive or are forgiven?

And if you have family that is no longer with you, may you take time to be thankful for their lives and the time (even if it was brief) you were able to spend with them.  And that serve as reminder to further make the most of the opportunity to spend time with those still with you.  Cherish that time.

On our final day of 21 days of Gratitude, we say thank you for family.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Deagreez