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Donald Trump's Social Media Business Truth Social Is Publicly Listed

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Donald Trump has made headlines by joining TikTok. This marks a surprising turn as he embraces the platform he previously sought to ban. Social media has transformed the way we communicate, connect, and consume information. As social media continues to adapt to technological advancements and user needs, its impact on society remains profound.

Overall, which platform is the most popular?

A recent study by marketing measurement platform reveals the top 10 most popular social media platforms and their growth over the past five years.

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Most Popular Social Media Platforms

  • YouTube: Leading the pack, YouTube saw a remarkable surge to 1.35 trillion visits in 2023, up from 263.3 billion in 2019. This is an 80.49% increase. This highlights YouTube’s dominance in video content consumption, particularly among male users. A majority access the platform via mobile devices.
  • TikTok: With the most dramatic rise, TikTok’s visits skyrocketed by 6015.0%, reaching 41.8 billion in 2023 from just 0.7 billion in 2019. This underscores TikTok’s rapid ascent as a mobile-centric platform, equally popular among male and female users.
  • Facebook: Despite losing its top spot, Facebook accumulated 216.4 billion visits in 2023, up 15.33% from 2019.
  • Twitter (X): Twitter’s visits grew to 112.9 billion in 2023, a 63.19% increase from 2019. Its appeal lies in real-time content, with a predominantly male user base favoring mobile access.
  • Instagram: Capitalizing on visual content trends, Instagram’s visits rose to 87.3 billion in 2023, a 62.40% increase. Its popularity is driven by its mobile-first design.
  • Reddit: With visits increasing to 81.0 billion in 2023, Reddit’s 68.72% growth underscores its role in community-driven content, attracting mainly male users with significant mobile traffic.
  • WhatsApp: Saw visits grow to 31.3 billion in 2023, a 68.72% increase, showing its broad appeal as a cross-platform communication tool.
  • LinkedIn: Reached 20.5 billion visits in 2023, a 59.41% growth, highlighting its importance in professional networking.
  • Twitch: Nearly doubled its visits to 20.0 billion in 2023, with a 48.14% increase, reflecting the rise in live streaming, particularly among gamers.
  • Quora: Grew by 60.25%, reaching 19.0 billion visits in 2023, demonstrating its growing relevance in knowledge sharing.
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Overall, from 2019 to 2023, the top 10 social media platforms experienced a 70.56% surge in visits, from 582.9 billion to 1.98 trillion. This indicates a significant increase in social media engagement. This growth was particularly pronounced in the US highlighting the nature of social media expansion.

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