The data is out! Forbes published their annual list of highest-paid celebrities of 2020. That list had all types of celebrities including athletes, actors and actresses, musicians, and more. Not surprisingly, the music world saw many familiar faces that made the list. What was surprising, was where many of the musicians were on the list! […]

Now, this is the story all about how… a YouTube trailer is responsible for rebooting the series: ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a 90’s comedy involving a West Philly kid who moved to Bel-Air to live with his uncle and aunt. The beloved show came to an end over 20 […]

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating a birthday this month! Check below to see if you share a birthday with any of these celebrities. May you all have the best birthday ever!   Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson May 2, 1972 Actor   David Beckham May 2, 1975 Soccer Player   Adele May 5, 1988 Singer-songwriter   […]

Spring has sprung! Share some extra love with these celebrities with April birthdays that will be celebrating quarantine style this month.   Robert Downey Jr. April 4, 1965 Actor   Pharrell Williams April 5, 1973 Singer   Paul Rudd April 6, 1969 Actor   Jackie Chan April 7, 1954 Hong Kongese martial artist & […]

Hooray for St. Patrick’s day and these extra lucky celebrities with March birthdays!   Justin Bieber March 1, 1994 Singer   Jon Bon Jovi March 2, 1962 Singer-songwriter   Rebel Wilson March 2, 1980 Actress   Jessica Biel March 3, 1982 Actress   Shaquille O’neal March 6, 1972 Former professional basketball player   Carrie Underwood […]

February is the month of love! Here’s a list of celebrities with birthdays this month you can share extra love with.   Harry Styles February 1, 1994 Singer-songwriter Shakira February 2, 1977 Singer Garth Brooks February 7, 1962 Country singer-songwriter Ashton Kutcher February 7, 1978 Actor Emma Roberts February 10, 1991 Actress Jennifer Aniston February […]

January marks the start of the new year, and for these celebrities it marks another trip around the sun. Start your year off right by celebrating these celebrities with January birthdays.   Mel Gibson January 3, 1956 Actor Bradley Cooper January 5, 1975 Actor Nicolas Cage January 7, 1964 Actor Dave Mathews  January 9, 1967 […]

December is full of reasons to celebrate! The holidays, family and friends, snow, and of some of your favorite celebrity birthdays. See what celebrity birthdays you should be celebrating this December below.   Britney Spears December 2, 1981 Singer-songwriter & actress Ozzy Osbourne December 3, 1984 Singer-songwriter & actor Jay-Z December 4, 1969 Rapper Tyra […]

Happy November! Not only is Thanksgiving this month, but so are some of your favorite celebrities’ birthdays. Check out below which birthdays to celebrate this month.   David Schwimmer November 2, 1966 Actor   Nelly November 2, 1974 Rapper   Kendall Jenner November 3, 1995 Model   Matthew McConaughey November 4, 1969 Actor   Art Garfunkel November […]

September may mean the end of summer, but that’s not stopping us from celebrating.. These celebrities with September birthdays are worth celebrating this month!   Zendaya September 1, 1996 Actress & singer Terry Bradshaw September 2, 1948 Former NFL quarterback Charlie Sheen September 3, 1965 Actor Beyonce September 4, 1981 Singer-songwriter & actress Idris Elba September […]