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Elizabeth Taylor was born on February 27th, 1932. A vibrant, beautiful woman whose bright spirit shined through the countless movies she starred in. From her portrayal of a playful but independent woman in National Velvet to the determined war bride in Ivanhoe, Taylor excelled in her roles. Elizabeth Taylor had an uncanny ability to bring a […]

Pink came to Twitter with extreme frustration with those who are saying she’s “shading” Christina Aguilera in an interview she did recently. Pink stated in a Buzz Feed interview this week that her “least favorite” music video to shoot was “Lady Marmalade” and “wasn’t very fun to make,” because of what she called “some personalities” […]

Bruce Springsteen and The National‘s Bryce Dessner have teamed up on a new tune called ‘Addicted To Romance’ for the new film She Came To Me. The song will be first heard tomorrow, February 16th, at the films first screening. Springsteen wrote and performed “Addicted To Romance’, while Dessner orchestrated the song. Bryce stated in […]

Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ Lyrics Aren’t What You Thought. It’s been stuck in your head since it released in 1997: “MMMBop, bidi dapa doo wop, Doo bi dapa doo bop, Bidi dapa doo, yeah-e yeah!” Little did we know that our ears were playing tricks on us. While on a radio show in Australia, Zac Hansen stated “Too […]