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Tina Mcintosh

Tina McIntosh founded Joy’s House, an adult day service, in 1999 at the age of 27. For nine years, she had dreamed of a place – an inviting, warm and homelike facility – to care for aging and challenged adults during the day. Today, Joy’s House serves families of greater Indianapolis and is a vital, thriving not-for-profit organization located in the Broad Ripple area and on the south side of Indianapolis. 

Originally from Ft. Wayne, Tina attended Ball State University and studied English and interpersonal relations as an undergraduate. She completed a master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration and upon graduation, worked as an event planner. However, after a combination of personal tragedies, she evaluated her professional choices and her spiritual direction, and began researching the industry of adult day services. After talking to many amazing women and men in the profession, she contacted her friends and family to let them know that she was taking on a new challenge and what we now know as Joy’s House was born. 

As Joy’s House has developed, Tina has shed her duties ranging from janitor and office manager to fundraiser and now serves solely as President and CEO, primarily focused on development, community relations, and much-needed innovation for caregiver support and education programs in the state of Indiana.   

Personally, Tina married Jeff McIntosh in September 2001 and they have been blessed with the birth of three children. Tina enjoys racquetball and gardening, although admits that her favorite pastime has recently become spending simple time with her family and friends.   

Tina’s first published book is available now. Titled embrace the imbalance: things you need to know from people I wish you knew. This book is made up of lessons learned throughout her life. No matter your age, where you practice your faith, what street you grew up on, or how you identify, you will find at least one thing in this book that will change your life.  

Over the years, Tina has participated in numerous not-for-profit boards and within her church families. She fully believes in uplifting others, and the power of community.