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Did you know that your favorite season can say a lot about your personality? People with different preferences in seasons tend to favor some traits more than others. Those who favor warmer months tend to live much more in the moment and take on a lot of projects. Those who favor colder months tend to be more futuristic and always trying to be one step ahead in the planning process.

Choose if Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter is your favorite season and then take a look below to see how closely the description matches up with you!



If Spring is your favorite season then you are friendly, optimistic, and energetic. You don’t really like staying in one place for long and you are often daydreaming about other adventures you want to do. You are a social butterfly and it is very easy to have a great conversation with you. People often see you smiling and looking like you are fully enjoying life. Some traits that you may need to work on are taking on too many projects at once and being undecided on a lot of decisions.


Summer being your favorite season means that you are creative, talented, and easy-going. You are very talented with your hands and can figure out how to make just about anything. There is no project that you can’t do. Your imagination also gives you a very funny bone. You know how to keep cheer people up and keep them laughing. Sometimes your jokes can come off as teasing and when you get frustrated you tend to punish with silence. You feel every emotion very deeply so when you get hurt, it takes you a while to find the right words to say.


If Fall is your favorite season, you are passionate, futuristic, and dependable. You like to plan ahead, sometimes way in the future. You know exactly what you want and you are willing to work however hard and long it takes to reach your goal. You make decisions quickly and passionately which can make you stubborn at times. Criticism isn’t something you take very well but you are always willing to hear people out and what their opinions are. Confidence comes easy to you and you really stick to your beliefs.


If your favorite season is Winter then you are a great listener who listens to understand, rather than listens to respond. You are loyal, faithful, and sensitive. People are drawn to your well-mannered and empathetic personality. You may sometimes over worry about what others think of you but you are working on building up your confidence.  Honesty is a strong positive trait of yours while also making sure the other person feels heard and valued. You tend to be a perfectionist but you are also extremely creative! You have a big heart that is very caring so make sure that you are caring for yourself equally as well!