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In addition to hosting this radio show, I am a masters level student…studying to be a therapist. And on Tuesday mornings, I share some of what I’m learning with you, for free.  Today, lessons from a woman who lost her husband.  He passed away. She’s been reflecting and says losing her marriage has taught her a few things about marriage.

I say this to clients all the time.  If you’re going through a tough time, learn everything that you can.  Don’t let one ounce of the pain go to waste.

In this powerful blog entry, she says she’s learned some stuff just doesn’t matter. She gives examples of clothes left on the floor or whiskers in the sink. She says instead of fighting about those things, she wishes she had just seen them as indicators that she has the gift of her husband around.

Another big lesson — your relationship is forged in the everyday.  The daily to-dos, the dinners, the dreams, the disappointments, the struggles, the disagreements, the reconciliations, the compromises… that where he and she are shaped into we.

Read her full entry here.